Mark Lanier Comments on Company’s Legal Exposure from UK High-Rise Fire

The firm’s Mark Lanier was interviewed in the national legal publication Am Law Daily on the prospect for plaintiffs’ litigation stemming from the fire that killed 79 people in London’s Grenfell Tower on June 14.  Although not currently pursuing any claims, Mr. Lanier noted that he suspects Arconic, the New York-based company that made the exterior paneling being blamed for the fire’s ferocity, made avoidable missteps that could spell legal trouble for the company and potentially for its directors and officers.

“First, the company should have tested the panels in fire situations … Failure to test properly leads to a failure to warn properly,” said Mr. Lanier. “Second, the legal department (GC, etc.) should have restricted sales until outside safety company approval. In other words, I would have sent the panels to some company outside Arconic to have that company determine whether or not there is a problem.”

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Mark Lanier Named to the Legal 500 Hall of Fame

Firm founder Mark Lanier has been named to the Legal 500 Hall of Fame, recognizing his selection to the publication’s list of the nation’s leading lawyers for six consecutive years. In making the announcement, the editors of the prestigious international legal directory noted that Hall of Fame members “received constant praise by their clients for continued excellence” and “are at the pinnacle of the profession.” Continue reading “Mark Lanier Named to the Legal 500 Hall of Fame”

Mesothelioma Victim Earns Major Appellate Win

The firm’s Mark Linder has secured a major victory for his client, as a California appeals court has affirmed that employers can be held liable for injuries caused by secondhand asbestos exposure. The plaintiff, Wanda Beckering, alleges that she contracted mesothelioma from exposure to asbestos that accumulated on her husband’s work clothing during his long-term employment with Shell Oil.

“This ruling follows a growing number of appellate opinions from across the country that employers and landowners are under a duty to exercise reasonable care with respect to workplace hazards, including the liability that comes from transferring those hazards to family members and others,” says Linder.

The decision by a three-judge panel in the state’s Second Appellate District followed a recent ruling by the California Supreme Court that expanded the general duty of care that employers have to keep their employees safe from foreseeable harm. The panel sent the case back to the trial court with instructions to deny Shell’s motion for summary judgment.

“We look forward to picking up where we left off in the trial court and to giving Ms. Beckering’s family their day in court,” says Mr. Linder.

The Lanier Law Firm Ranked as Top-Tier Firm by International Legal Publication

Mark Lanier, Rick Meadow also recognized individually by The Legal 500

HOUSTON – The prestigious Legal 500 directory has recognized The Lanier Law Firm as one of the top five firms in the nation for its representation of plaintiffs in product liability, mass torts and class action claims involving pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The publication’s researchers for the 2017 U.S. edition note that the firm “has strong trial capabilities and experience obtaining significant settlements for plaintiffs.” Continue reading “The Lanier Law Firm Ranked as Top-Tier Firm by International Legal Publication”

Houston Attorney Mark Lanier Inducted into Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame

HOUSTON – Acclaimed trial attorney Mark Lanier, founder of The Lanier Law Firm, has been selected to the National Trial Lawyers’ Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame, which recognizes exceptional litigators.

The organization honors outstanding attorneys who leave an indelible mark on the American legal tradition through a lifetime of service to the public, the Constitution, and the trial bar. Although attorneys previously had to be 60 or older, that requirement was waived for the 56-year-old Mr. Lanier. Continue reading “Houston Attorney Mark Lanier Inducted into Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame”