The Lanier Law Firm Practice Areas

Asbestos Exposure

Asbestos Exposure

Many chemicals such as asbestos, benzene, vinyl chloride, and others can cause fatal illnesses. The Lanier Law Firm has significant experience representing victims of chemical exposure and their families.


Pharmaceutical Liability

Our Pharmaceutical Liability Practice Group represents the core values of The Lanier Law Firm: protecting consumers from dangerous products.


Personal Injury

Our decades of courtroom experience and our state-of-the-art preparation puts our clients on a level playing field with the insurance companies we’re fighting.


Product Liability

When a consumer buys a product, they rightfully expect it to perform safely and efficiently. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.


Commercial Litigation

The Lanier Law Firm is well-known for representing businesses and individuals in a wide variety of commercial litigation matters.


Medical Malpractice

When patients seek medical care, they deserve treatment that meets or exceeds the standard of care for the medical profession. Unfortunately, in many cases it’s just the opposite.


Maritime Law

The Lanier Law Firm has represented a broad range of clients in a variety of maritime-related disputes, including numerous Jones Act cases and the Gulf Oil Spill Lawsuit.


Intellectual Property

Thousands of hours in the courtroom have provided The Lanier Law Firm with the skills that business clients need when defending or prosecuting their patents, trademarks and other intellectual property.


Federal Employers' Liability Act Claims

The Lanier Law Firm continues its tradition of fighting for those who have been injured by the negligence of others by applying its expertise to the Federal Employers’ Liability Act (FELA) claims of railroad workers.